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Market activities

Statkraft is one of the largest traders in the European energy market and an important actor internationally. We trade energy and commodities in more than 20 countries and are active on 13 energy exchanges.

As Europe’s largest renewable power producer, we aim to be a leading player in the global energy markets. The energy world is in the midst of a major transition reducing greenhouse gas emissions worldwide. Statkraft’s Trading & Origination activities are about understanding this dynamic and its effect on the pricing of energy and energy-related products as well as to develop meaningful and innovative solutions for our commercial and industrial customers on their journey to decarbonisation.

Pillars of our activities

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Our Origination activities are being run in a number of offices globally covering the Nordics, Central and Southern Europe as well as the UK, US, South America and India.

In Origination we bring renewable energy to the market and the consumers. This is done by the means of balancing services and power purchase agreements with producers and hedging or supplies for our industrial and commercial customers. The latter products range from standard power contracts to tailor-made green supplies involving guarantees of origin which give our customers proof that the purchased power is produced by a specific installation. To manage risks with intermittent renewable production, we also engage in managing flexible production sources.

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Our trading activities are backed by risk capital and are operated under a clearly defined risk management framework.

In Proprietary Trading we apply in-house analysis to create profits in power, fuels and emissions markets and in energy-related products like freight and metals. Statkraft operates out of four locations in Europe and the US and is active on all major energy exchanges worldwide. While the scope is to identify trading opportunities in all energy markets, Statkraft focuses on understanding the dynamics in European and US power markets and on monetising our analytical competence given the increasing importance of weather and renewable production scenarios.

Key success factors

Lars Petter Pettersen

The Bitdal dam in Norway

Long-term experience and expertise

We are Europe's largest renewable power generator and have been in the market for decades with a proven record of success. Our first nature was to strive for the heights of the waterfalls in 1895 to turn its force into power. Performance is our second nature: turning power into optimised revenue streams.


Dedicated tools and people to drive performance

Statkraft was one of the first companies to develop in-house algorithms for energy trading. They work in synergy with dedicated tools for forecasting and are monitored 24/7 by our expert teams. Statkraft's capability to connect thousands of energy producers and consumers in real-time to the market and to optimise them has been coined the Statkraft Unity platform.


Risk management strategies and foundations

Statkraft has a unique position as a Norwegian state-owned global player. The diversified portfolio and activities of the company combined with our A- credit rating contribute positively to our risk management strategies and to our capability to take on risks in the market.

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